General Contribution

to support the cost of services delivered by COC or towards the purchase of equipment or for infrastructure upgrade and maintenance.

Health Check-up Services

To support health check-up services including screening of women for marnmography and Pap test regularly. (Screening of one woman costs . 1200/-). To sponsoring Basic Health Check up (Plan 1) for community people who cannot afford, @ Rs 1200/- for man & Rs 2000/- for women.

Hospice Services / Palliative Care

Donation for Hospice patients food, their other needs etc.

Home Care Services

Contribution towards purchase of Van or Medical Equipment for Home care services.

Training and Awareness Activities

financial support or services as volunteers to spread awareness about Cancer as well as to train human resources for care and cure of cancer patients.

New Projects

Contribution to establishing new services e.g. Dialysis Unit, Physiotherapy Unit in near future

  • Be a volunteer for Cancer Awareness, organizing camps of cancer detection and motivating youth towards de-addiction
  • Voluntary service to COC administration, patient care and organizing event / program for patients etc
All donations are exempted from Income Tax Act U/S 35(i)(ii)-100% & 80(G)-50%. Donations in foreign currencies are accepted and approved vide Reg. No. : 041910257 Dated: 22-03-2001. Public Charitable Trust Registered No. F.170
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